DAQ Passenger Ramps

Length: 30 feet ** (32ft w/canopy)**
Height: 127″ stowed
Width: 119 1/2″
Weight: 30xx series aluminum frame: 3,079 pounds 20xx series steel frame w/ canopy: 3,599 pounds
Wheels: All pneumatic, industrial polyurethane filled
Brake: Dead Man style
Provided Accessories Include: Tow Bar, Wheel Chocks, Transition Plate
Canopy: Optional with capability to fit over fuselage of any aircraft
Range: 54″ to 105″ **
FAA Requirements: Meets or exceeds all requirements as stated in A/C No: 150/5220-21C
Aircraft Locator Rod: Provided
Surface: 36″ wide, slip-resistant surface
Wind Standards: Meets 90 MPH FAA requirement when stowed
Warranty: 2-year warranty on manufacturing and material defects

**Range adjustable to suit individual needs; Length dependant on ramp range**

The KCI DAQ ramps allow for a seamless boarding process for all aircraft from the Q200/400, up to the B737. For use with the CRJ 700/900 and smaller aircraft a Mobile Bridge Adapter is required; the DAQ ramp has an extended turn deck to allow for storage of the adapter, and is gated to prevent access to the adapter by the boarding passengers.

This ramp can be used on all aircraft ranging in height from a Q200/400 to B737