Express Ramp for all Regional Aircraft up to CRJ900

Length: 27 1/2 feet
Height: 96″ stowed
Width: 84″
Weight: 1,450 pounds (Aluminum frame w/o canopy)
Wheels: All pneumatic, industrial polyurethane filled
Brake: Dead Man style
Tow Bar: Included
Chocks: Included
Canopy: Optional
Range: Lowest setting 41″, highest setting 77″
Degree of slope: Dash 8 at 43″ – 7 degrees, CRJ at 77″ – 12 degrees
FAA Requirements: Meets or exceeds all requirements as stated in A/C No: 150/5220-21C
Aircraft Locator Rod: Provided
Surface: 36″ wide slip-resistant surface
Wind Standards: Meets 90 MPH FAA requirement when stowed
Warranty: 2-year warranty on manufacturing and material defects

The Express Ramp offers some of the same advantages as jetbridge boarding: a gentle slope into the aircraft, a place where a number of people can stand safely, and a seamless dignified boarding process for passengers with mobility impairments, as well as those without. The Express Ramp is equipped with a manually operated “crank up” style lift for adjusting the height, rather than the hydraulically operated system found on the Turboway ramp.

•• Note: This ramp can be used on all known regional aircraft from a Metro to a CRJ900