Solar BAR

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Solar Powered BAR Passenger Ramps

For larger aircraft including the MD80-757 and ERJ170/190- 767

Length: Varies based on specific customer needs
Height: Varies based on specific customer needs
Width: Varies based on specific customer needs
Weight: Varies based on specific customer needs
Wheels: All pneumatic, industrial polyurethane filled
Brake: Dead Man style
Provided Accessories Include: Tow Bar, Wheel Chocks, Transition Plate
Canopy: Optional with capability to fit over fuselage of any aircraft in the above range
Options: Side curtains are available but device must be secured in winds over 30 MPH
Range: 80″ to 155″ -or- 90″ to 174″
FAA Requirements Meets or exceeds all requirements as stated in A/C No:150/5220-21C
Surface: 36′ wide, Safeguard slip-resistant surface
Wind Standards: Meets 90 MPH FAA requirement when stowed
Warranty: 2-year warranty on manufacturing and material defects, 1-year warranty on electrical components, 5 year warranty on Safeguard

The KCI manufactured Solar Powered BAR Ramp is a universal ramp designed to serve larger aircraft such as the MD-80 up to the 757. This ramp utilizes large monocrystalline cell solar panels to power the 5 HP drive system. This ramp can be driven by one individual and can be deployed at the gate or at a remote location in the event of a diversion arrival. The Solar Powered BAR Ramp allows for a seamless deployment and boarding process for all passengers and can be used at the L1 or L2 doors of the aircraft. The Solar BAR is an environmentally friendly design and provides for a safer, faster and more economical means of boarding and deplaning.

  • High Lumination LED Running Lights
  • High Lumination Approach Lights
  • 36V, 5Amp, Monocrystalline Cell Solar Panels
  • Dual 2 HP, 24V, DC Motors
  • Progressive Drive Joystick Controls