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The MBA-63L-SG is a lighter weight version of our standard MBA-63 and utilizes a two piece safety curtain. The MBA-63L-SG comes standard with Safeguard anti-slip walking surface, far superior and longer lasting than any adhesive anti-slip available. The MBA-63L-SG is a portable, lightweight adapter that fits inside the jetbridge and the aircraft door, making a perfect fit between a conventional jetbridge and the aircraft. Some mainline operators also choose the MBA-63L-SG to prevent damage to the aircraft caused by jetbridge contact. The MBA-63-L-SG Bridge Adapter can be deployed in a matter of seconds and features a built-in tilt compensator to adjust for cross slope on the jetbridge, as well as automatic brakes which lock as soon as the operator releases the pull handles.


Length: 63″
Height: 39″
Width: 34″ back, 16″ front
Weight with primary curtain only: 72 lbs
Weight with primary and secondary curtains: 78 lbs
Load Rating: 1,000 pounds
Side Curtains: 116″ long, 30″ wide
Storage Size: 72″ long x 39.5″ high x 11″ wide
Warranty: 1-year warranty on manufacturing and material defects
Compatible Aircraft: ERJ 135/145 (both the plug style door and airstair style door with non folding handrails), BAe 146, CRJ, Dash 8, Q400, Donier 328, mainline aircraft