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DXR Baggage Cart

KCI DXR Carts are intended to accommodate passengers who wish to drop off and receive their bags at the aircraft door. When used, it provides added security and convenience to the passengers.

Length: 106″
Height: 60″
Width: 46″
Weight: 260 pounds
Wheels: All pneumatic, polyurethane filled
Brake: Automatic-on; drop lock brake
Features: Closed cell foam bumpers
Total Capacity: 1,000 pounds of carry on baggage
Warranty: 2-year warranty on manufacturing and material defects

Our standard DXR Cart is attractive, sturdy and functional. Shelves are luggage friendly and protect bags from rain and snow. The aluminum structure is corrosion resistant and will stay looking superior for years without rusting or needing painting. Wheels are industrial-duty polyurethane filled tires, chosen for maximum mobility under load, even when conditions are snowy or icy. Components are replaceable, instead of the cart being disposable.