SAFEGUARD® Anti-Slip Safety Products

KCI is proud to announce that it has become the sole distributer of SAFEGUARD® products for the aviation industry.

SAFEGUARD® is the industry leader in anti-slip technology and offers the following benefits:

A Safer Environment; A Better Value:

  • SAFEGUARD® Covers contribute to a safer workplace, translating into fewer accidents, lower insurance premiums, and fewer lost workdays – in summary, they improve your operating performance and profit.
  • Where non-skid tapes and coatings provide an ‘emergency’ fix and need to be continually reapplied, SAFEGUARD® Covers deliver a permanent, effective and safer anti-slip solution. They are prefabricated and are delivered ready to install over existing surfaces.
  • SAFEGUARD® Covers are manufactured in the USA.

Long-lasting Performance

  • SAFEGUARD® Covers resist damage from impact, and from corrosion and chemicals.
  • The hard grit surface withstands continuous foot traffic, and the Cover is warranted.
  • Anti-slip cover cleaning and maintenance is easy with a non-solvent cleaner and stiff brush.

Superior Foot Traction

  • Sharp silicon carbide and/or fused aluminum oxide grit is bonded to the base substrate to deliver an excellent Hi-Traction surface that greatly exceeds the Coefficient of Friction guidelines established by OSHA and the ADA. Excellent traction is still provided even if the surface is oily, wet, greasy, dusty, or dirty.

A Total Solution

  • SAFEGUARD® offers a non-skid flooring product for virtually any need, at any location, in any market, servicing customers throughout the world.
  • SAFEGUARD® provides the most complete range of sizes, colors, grits, and construction base materials on the market.
  • The installation of SAFEGUARD® Covers is easy in retrofit applications with virtually no downtime.
  • Recommended accessories are available for installation over any surface.