WCL 3040 Wheelchair Trailer

The Wheelchair Trailer is the perfect solution when a wheelchair must be taken some distance┬áto be stowed on the aircraft. The lift is towable, contains a wheelchair “sled” situated on rollers and is locked into place for towing. The Wheelchair Trailer has a foot pump actuated lift mechanism and a hand release for lowering. When at the aircraft, simply raise the lift and roll the sled right onto the belt loader, no physical lifting required, simple and seamless.


Length: 93″ Overall, 60″ Lift Tray
Height: 53″ Low, 94″ Fully Deployed
Width: 67″ Frame, 40″ Chair Sled
Weight: 1,100 Lbs.
Lift Capacity: 800 Lbs.
Wheels: All Pneumatic, Industrial Foam Filled
Range: 21″ Low, 62″ High
Brake: Friction Style
Training: Manuals Provided
Warranty: 2-Year Warranty on Manufacturing or Material Defects

WheelChair Lift Trailer Prototype Video