Why choose KCI?

Top air transportation companies are choosing KCI over other Ground Support Equipment providers for several reasons. Below are three of the most important. If you would like to learn more or would like to talk to a KCI representative, please call us at (541) 830-8678 or use one of the contact methods available in our contact us page.

Reason One

KCI ramp solutions are designed to be “all-in-one” ramp solutions for passenger boarding. “All-in-one” means that ground support crews save time, and the boarding process is smooth and efficient. No switching between stairs,¬†lifts and other boarding equipment, just one ramp that is easy to use and services all passengers (including disabled passengers). Our ramps have been tested and found to consistently decrease the embarking and disembarking times by as much as 60%, so you’ll get the added benefit of increased service efficiencies for your passengers.

Reason Two

Maintenance free solutions you can count on. It is important to have solutions that work and work all the time. Our ramp solutions provide virtually maintenance free service for nearly every passenger boarding application. Once our ramps are delivered and setup, your focus will be on your ground support activity, not on servicing your ground support equipment.

Reason Three

World class (client first) customer service. We simply will NOT compromise on customer service. Our first obligation is to our customers and the KCI products that they utilize. Whether it is simply technical information you need over the phone or on-site support, we make our customers our first priority.