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Q-400 Passenger Boarding Ramps

Turboway Passenger Boarding Ramp

The Turboway Passenger boarding ramp is a universal ramp designed to serve the Q-400 and many other regional aircraft. The Turboway boarding ramp allows easier access for all passengers, disabled and non-disabled. this ramp, with its adjustable slope and pivoting bridge, lays over existing aircraft stairs and provides faster more comfortable means of boarding and deplaning. The Turboway boarding ramp uses a hand operated hydraulic pump for adjusting to various aircraft heights and has a detachable tow bar.

Regional Express Ramp

The Regional Express Ramp works much the same way as the Turboway boarding ramp. The express ramp is fully adjustable using a hand crank style lift mechanism and also features a pivoting bridge. The Regional Express Ramp serves the Q-400 as well as many other  regional aircraft.