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Jet Bridge Beltloaders (JWBL)

JWBL 16,20,24,34

This unit is designed to be mounted to an aircraft passenger loading bridge next to the external stairs that lead from the ramp to the platform located next to the bridge crew door. The unit is attached to the bridge platform with a steel hinge assembly at the top. The bottom rests on two swivel casters that roll on the ramp flooring. The unit moves both vertically and horizontally with the movement of the bridge. The sole intended use of this unit is to transfer carry-on baggage from the top of the bridge to the ramp, and from the ramp to the top of the bridge. This unit is not designed for any use, other than that described previously. The unit is designed to work in all weather conditions and temperatures found in the USA. All steel parts are powder coat finished, all aluminum parts are Scotch-Brite finished.