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Jet Bridge Ramps (JWR)

Jet bridge Ramps are designed for transferring passengers from the Jetbridge to ground level for the purpose of ground boarding operations. The JWR utilizes adjustable locking gates and a transition docking plate to interface with the jet bridge. JWR Ramps are built to suit the needs of the customer and can be configured for a fixed height or made to be adjustable. The JWR, with its gentle slope, stabilizer feet and unique docking plate is a safe and affordable option to get your passengers to ground level for a fast and seamless boarding operation.

JWR Features
• 7 rail adjustable locking gates
• Docking plate
• Industrial polyurethane foam filled tires
• Stabilizer feet
• 36” wide walkway
• 2 year warranty on materials defects and workmanship, 1 year warranty on electrical components, 5 year warranty on Safeguard non – skid

JWR Ramp Optional Features
• Safeguard Non – Skid
• LED walkway lights
• Canopy cover
• Side Curtains
• Height Adjustable capability

The JWR Jetbridge Ramp meets or exceeds the requirements set forth in AC 150/5220-21C