A Safer Environment; A Better Value:

  • SAFEGUARD® Covers contribute to a safer workplace, translating into fewer accidents, lower insurance premiums, and fewer lost workdays – in summary, they improve your operating performance and profit.
  • Where non-skid tapes and coatings provide an ‘emergency’ fix and need to be continually reapplied, SAFEGUARD® Covers deliver a permanent, effective and safer anti-slip solution. They are prefabricated and are delivered ready to install over existing surfaces.
  • SAFEGUARD® Covers are manufactured in the USA.

A Total Solution

  • SAFEGUARD® offers a non-skid flooring product for virtually any need
  • Perfect at any location, in any market, servicing customers throughout the world.
  • SAFEGUARD® provides the most complete range of sizes, colors, grits, and construction base materials on the market.
  • SAFEGUARD® = Easy Installation
  • Also easy in retrofit applications with virtually no downtime.
  • Recommended accessories are available for installation over any surface.

Superior Foot Traction

  • Sharp silicon carbide and/or fused aluminum oxide grit is bonded to the base substrate to deliver an excellent Hi-Traction surface.
  • Greatly exceeds the Coefficient of Friction guidelines established by OSHA and the ADA.
  • Excellent traction is still provided even if the surface is oily, wet, greasy, dusty, or dirty.

Long-lasting Performance

  • SAFEGUARD® Covers resist damage from impact, and from corrosion and chemicals.
  • The hard grit surface withstands continuous foot traffic, and the Cover is warranted.
  • Anti-slip cover cleaning and maintenance is easy with a non-solvent cleaner and stiff brush.