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DAQ-R 200-737 Passenger Ramps

The DAQ-R 200-737 services the following aircraft: CRJ 200, ERJ 135/145, CRJ 700/900, EMB 170/175, 717/MD-80, 737, 737 MAX

The DAQ-R 200-737 ramp allows for a seamless boarding process for all aircraft from the CRJ 200 up to the ERJ 170/175 and 737.This ramp, with its adjustable slope and platform with sliding gates, provides for a faster, safer and more economical means of boarding and deplaning. For use with the CRJ 700/900 and smaller aircraft, a Mobile Bride Adapter is required. The DAQ-R 200-737 ramp has an extended turn deck to allow for storage of the adapter  and is gated to prevent access to the adapter by the passengers. The DAQ-R 200-737 ramp is comfortably sloped, non motorized and easy to operate.

Length: 30 feet
Height: 118″ stowed
Width: 119 1/2″
Weight: Ramp, No Canopy: 2,079 lbs.  Ramp with Canopy: 2,599 lbs.
Wheels: All pneumatic, Industrial Foam Filled
Brake: Dead Man style
Provided Accessories:  Tow Bar, Wheel Chocks, Transition Plate, Mobile Bridge Adapter
Canopy: Optional and includes outriggers built onto the frame.
Range: 54″ to 103″
FAA Requirements: Meets or exceeds all requirements as stated in A/C No: 150/5220-21C
Aircraft Locator Rod: Provided
Surface: 36″ wide, slip-resistant surface
Wind Standards: Meets 90 MPH FAA requirement when stowed
Warranty: 2-year warranty on manufacturing and material defects. 5 Year warranty on Safegaurd walking surface.